About the FixNip NRI

The FixNip NRI™ - Nipple Reconstruction Implant, is an implantable hypodermic, silicone implant specially designed for aesthetic improvement of the female nipple. It is comprised of a “floral shaped” nitinol frame with a silicone capping which allows for anchoring of the implant to adjacent tissue, softer feel and encapsulation of the nitinol frame. The implant provides the physician with a stable platform to design the nipple structure.
The implant is currently provided in a single size (“one size fits all”) however, additional size will be considered based on market input.  
The FixNip NRI™ is implanted by a trained physician to support soft tissue where weakness exists, during nipple reconstruction procedure. It is provided sterile, intended for a single use and cannot be re-sterilized.
The FixNip NRI™ is only intended for aesthetic reconstructive purposes and is not intended for use, for example, to preserve or improve the ability to breastfeed.

Nitinol Frame   

The frame is the skeleton which gives the implant the required mechanical strength to maintain nipple projection and shape

Silicone Overmolding   

The Nitinol frame is fully encapsulated with soft medical-grade Silicone, minimizing direct contact between the Nitinol frame and patient’s tissue and providing a soft feel.

mdc medical device certification GmbH

Notified Body 0483

About the Fixnip ltd


An incision is made in the skin.
A subcutaneous pocket is created and the implant inserted .
The FixNip NRI is placed in
the sub-cutaneous fat layer.

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