About Fixnip

mdc medical device certification GmbH

Notified Body 0483

Fixnip LTD. is a medical device startup that revives the field of breast augmentation through a line of innovative hypodermic silicone nipple implants. The company provides physicians with a global standard of care for nipple-areola reconstruction through a revolutionary solution that allows women to attain beautiful nipple results and regain their self-confidence when undergoing post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, following breast cancer.


Fixnip offers a simple nipple reconstruction solution, in a groundbreaking implant form, that has predictable and non-shape-shifting results. It is comprised of a “floral shaped” nitinol frame with a silicone capping which allows for anchoring of the implant to adjacent tissue, softer feel and encapsulation of the nitinol frame. The implant provides the physician with a stable platform to design the nipple structure.  In addition, insertion of the Fixnip implant requires a minimally invasive procedure that can be carried out in an outpatient setting in less than 20 minutes.


With loss of projection being the number one most pervasive problem across all currently existing techniques, the patented Nitinol skeleton combined with the soft medical silicon casting found in the Fixnip product maintains mechanical strength and guarantees a dependable and consistent structure that is simultaneously soft, flexible, and natural in look and feel. Bring new hope for millions of woman world- wide.

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