About Fixnip

The FixNip NRI, is an implantable hypodermic, silicone implant specially designed for aesthetic improvement of the female nipple. It is comprised of a “floral shaped” nitinol frame with a silicone capping which allows mechanical strength while maintaining the required softness and natural feeling.  The implant provides the physician with a stable platform to design the nipple structure.  

The implant is provided in two sizes to fit both small and large nipple diameters.

 With loss of projection being the number one most pervasive problem across all currently existing techniques, Fixnip offers a solution that has predictable and non-shape-shifting results.

Nitinol Frame   

The frame is the skeleton needed to give the implant the required mechanical strength

Silicon Overmolding   

The Nitinol frame is fully encapsulated with the Silicone, minimizing direct contact between the Nitinol frame and patient’s tissue.

About the Fixnip ltd


An incision is done in the skin.
A subcutaneous pocket is created and the implant inserted .
The FixNip implant is placed in
the sub-cutaneous fat layer.

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