About Fixnip


David Mizrachin

An experienced manager, holding vast experience and knowledge in the assessment and implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

Finance manager OCS coordinator

Yael Amitai

Over 15 Years of experience in finance and technology as a lecturer , An Investment and research strategist and data analyst in a private "Hedge Fund" and CFO

VP Clinical & Regulatory

Rotem Katzenellenbogen

An experienced manager, head of Clinical and Medical Regulatory (CRO), leads the regulatory strategy and implementation

Founder & CTO

Yagil Netta

A creator, artist, and founder/joint managing partner specializing in product development and market penetration.

Engineering Manager

Pnina Grossman

Biomedical Engineer, with knowledge and experience in the field of Biomedical Engineering and Clinical & Regulation of medical devices

QA Manager

Yuval Shapiro

20 years of experience in QA

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Expert for products and companies primarily related to medical devices

Clinical Manager

Yael Corcos

12 years of experience in the clinical research industry.

 her medical background covers the three core arenas of hospital, community and corporate

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